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Barbara Bartell-Kamp

Should you work in Retirement?

There is an interesting article on the BankRate Site that gives 6 good reasons why you should work in Retirement:

Here are highlights of what the article discusses:

1) 2009 Study finds that people who work in retirement are overall physically and mentally healthier

2) Less you have to dip into your savings

3) Beef up your IRA – which you can contribute until 70 1/2, and 40lk that you can contribute forever

4) Delay Social Security benefits that reap more income when you collect

5) May be eligible for insurance and health benefits

6) Employee Discounts

Most polls I’ve read say that the majority of people feel they will never fully retire. Whether its just taking a part-tiime

job or working as a volunteer, everyone feels that they need a sense of purpose.

Are you retirement age?  What are your thoughts on retirement and what you will or are doing?

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