Buy, Sell or Rent in Westchester County
Barbara Bartell-Kamp

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3.3 Million Dollar Grant for Seniors in Westchester

  This is a new article that came out in The Patch/White Plains today about help to have seniors be taken care of in-home.    

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Exploring Assisted Living in Westchester County

Looking for a senior living facility for your parent can be a daunting task if needed quickly.  This is why it is  always advisable to have a talk with your aging parents early on.  Some will insist on “aging in place” and, if they have the means, that means evaluating various caregiver services, the costs, […]

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Should you buy or sell a home in Fall?

  ANSWER IS YES!  There are a number of reasons both monetary and just practical reasons for buying or selling a home by year end.  The mostobvious one is for tax reasons and does give a buyer a slight edge in finding a home.   As a buyer you can deduct the points, the taxes on your home, […]

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